The Civil Design Division of Community Sciences provides specialized civil Engineering Services for the planning, design, permitting and construction of

site infrastructure for both the private and public sectors. The Civil Design staff at Community Sciences successfully combines the technical expertise of the engineers and the planning professionals' background to offer a broad scope of professional services and perspectives. Community Sciences has

extensive experience in providing professional services required for the development or redevelopment of land including the permitting, design and construction of storm water, potable water, and wastewater systems. Recognizing that each development or redevelopment project has its own unique site issues. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of a wide variety of general civil engineering issues. We have provided comprehensive planning and engineering services in various disciplines involving many government agencies and municipalities. Our ability to work with municipalities, government agencies, and other consultants while providing close coordination with the client will result in projects being completed on time. 


 Over the last 30 years, Community Sciences has provided project

management and inspection for many of Florida’s major roadway improvement projects, including the Florida Department of Transportation, Our construction engineering and inspection team is comprised of qualified team members with the professional expertise to manage, inspect, and document roadway construction projects while providing the client agency with the level of service they require to meet their budgetary requirements and quality control protection. 

 CEI serving FDOT

Specializing in full service to the Florida Department of Transportation  our construction engineering and inspection crews and personnel are uniquely qualified to administer and facilitate all facets of FDOT  construction, from major roadway and bridge construction to the administration of local area programs agreements of participating agencies. As a part of these projects we offer expertise in the tracking and documentation of equal employment opportunity and on the job training required on all state and federally funded projects.


 The professional urban planners at community Sciences regularly provides land development services including land use and zoning amendments, variances, right of way and easement vacations, and site plan development and processing. Community Sciences has a vast amount of experience in providing professional planning services which include long range planning services comprising of comprehensive plan review, evaluation and appraisal reports (EARs), EAR based amendments, and private sector land use plan amendment review. Additional planning services comprising of analysis of land development applications including rezoning, platting, delegation requests and site planning; and land development code revisions to address the future development needs of our clients are also provided. 

Our planners have the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of a wide variety of general planning, zoning and development services. We have provided services in various disciplines for many government agencies and municipalities including Broward County Water & Waste Water Division, School Board of Broward County, South Florida Water Management District, Broward County and the municipalities of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Dania Beach and others.